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Bed Time Stories...

Adam Sandler is not the only person who can tell stories in bedtime stories, i also can what?

well...if i am not mistaken, there is a story about sang gajah, sang beruang, sang kancil and all other sang in the jungle, written by my besan. sadly, i couldn't find that entry on my besan blog to link it from here because this entry is sequel to that story, but with different sang. the sang beruang in that story is not the main character here.

the main character here is sang harimau, support by sang kura-kura, sang singa dan sangkuriang (kehabisan sang sudah!). and still the victim is sang kancil and a little bit of sang gajah.

the story start here.

once upon a time, in a kingdom of Far Far Away.(watching Shrek, now i know Far Far Away is name of a kingdom.. kih kih kih).. there was a jungle , a very mighty jungle. this jungle was ruled by sang singa, and assisted by sang harimau. there were sang kura-kura, the storekeeper and sangkuriang, sang singa right hand.

Sang gajah used to be the storekeeper, assisted by sang kancil. but when the ruler changed, sang gajah applied to work at another jungle. That leaves sang kancil alone with the new ruler and ministers.

sang kura-kura, synonim with its name, was the slowest of them all. and chipsmore slogan very 'serasi' with her. you know "now you see it, now you don't". so as the sangkuriang. (sebab terlalu riang... always on the fly... ha ha ha). dah makin mengarut cerita aku nih!

sang kancil used to be the pemerhati of sang kura-kura. but one day sang singa put sang kura-kura under sang harimau. and it relieve sang kancil. no beban what?

One day, there was a sang helang, watching over the stock on the jungle. sadly sang kura-kura was no where to be seen. so sang harimau and sangkuriang had to entertained sang helang.
while they were entertaining, sang harimau called sang kancil and asked her to enter the store. there are some question rised - when was the stock is being purchased, being taken, how long its been there, do we still need the stock, how come the book didn't updated... bla bla bla...

sang kancil, the only veteran in that jungle, had to answer those question. although now it is not in her job description, but still she had to answer.

but something angered sang harimau. sang harimau angry when the book was not updated. the stock in the book was not tally with the stock in hand. sang kancil know it was not her fault if the stock in the book is more than the stock in hand. it was sang kura-kura job to keep it updated. but deep inside sang kancil heart she felt very dissapointed and sad because sang kancil think it was her sang harimau angry at.

it was not sang kancil responsibility though. why should sang harimau angry with her? if sang harimau need to blame someone, then blame sang kura-kura. it was sang kura-kura job to know where and what in that store.

then sang singa asked sang kancil, "what did sang gajah do before leaving this jungle". sang kancil said, "the first entry in that book was the last thing sang gajah did before leaving. sang gajah update all the stock in this store by counting and keeping it".

then sang singa asked, "why sang gajah didn't put the date of purchasing". so sang kancil said, "the day sang gajah count all the stock is not the day of purchasing, but the day of counting stock before leaving the jungle".

sang singa said, "if so, why it was the first entry? where is the previous entry?" sang kancil answered, "if i am not mistaken, the previous entry was in the other book. the book had been questioned by someone, and sang gajah, being adviced by that someone, opened new book for new entries."

sang singa said, "okay, what's done is done. we cannot right the wrong we had done. it will only waste our time. but what can we do is, we can improve it next time." sang kancil said "okay".

so.. sekian bed time stories kita untuk hari ini.

moral of the stories # 1. if you are angry with someone, don't show your anger infront of others when the person you are angry with was not there. people might think that you are angry with them.

moral of the stories # 2. if you are angry with someone, and want to tell them that you are angry with them, don't scold them infront of others. it will only lower their self esteem. and others will show you no respect, because you didn't show it to others.

ohhh... how sang kancil tidak sabar to try new jungle in just 5 more days!

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Puan Saiman berkata...


Puan Saiman berkata...

Oh besan.... lepas 2 tahun baru kredibiliti Sang Gajah dipersoalkan...I think its weird la kan..kan...kan....

LeeYo berkata...

babai adam sandler helooooo ikaa ekekekkeke

Ika berkata...

puan saiman: itu lah... mau marah juga sang kancil ... always put the blame on others... :p

Leeyo: kih kih kih... mari pakat ramai-ramai babai si adam sandler tuh..